TIBER in a Nutshell

The Y-Security service lines are divided into Attack Simulations, Penetration Tests and Security Trainings. Below you can find our TIBER in a Nutshell post which summarizes everything you need to know about TIBER from an offense perspective. For a whole and comprehensive picture we recommend to look at our previous blog post all you need to know about Threat Intelligence Based Ethical Red Teaming.

Attack Simulations

TIBER is an essential part of our Attack Simulations service (often known as Adversary Emulation or Adversary Simulation or RED TEAM). See Christian providing you with an introduction to Red Teaming at Y-Security.

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Formal introduction into Red Teaming


The TIBER exercise is, like most Red Teams, a goal-based adversarial activity that is performed from the perspective of an attacker with no or little knowledge of the target. The exercise is designed to verify if current technical, physical or process-based security controls and procedures are resistant to a targeted cyber attack.

It’s impossible to demonstrate every aspect of a Red Team, but we have tried to summarize the attackers view with typical attack scenarios in the following video:

Red Teaming in a Nutshell

Wonder what a Red team report at Y-Security looks like? We’ve got you covered – see the sample videos below.


Provides insights for the Project Owner and Manager with details about the Attack Simulation.


Details on the attack scenario and what TTP have been combined to reach the goal of the assessment.

That was likely to quick for a whole picture – contact us via the below details and we will provide you with a sample report.

Further Reading

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Sven Schlüter
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10. March 2022